Organic Fuel Technology

Organic Fuel Technology wins SpirePrisen 2021

Organic Fuel Technology wins a prestigious green transition award at the Danish national climate conference. The winner of this year’s “SpirePris” has been found via a poll on Facebook, and a vote among a jury. The votes were in Organic Fuel Technology’s favor.

The satisfaction was to be traced when the team behind the invention were on stage to receive the check and thank for the award.

– It has been a team effort to get to where we are today. There are people who have researched and developed on this technology for many years. We are facing an exciting time where we need to scale up and commercialize this technology. We have a lot of motivation to do that, but the award gives extra motivation and support, said Søren Midtgaard Nielsen, an engineer at Organic Fuel Technology.

The winner of “Spireprisen 2021” is selected based on degree of innovation, business potential, co-creation, dissemination effect and climate effect. In addition to the recognition, the winner will receive DKK 10,000 and 2 hours of advice.

– We are extremely humble and happy for the recognition of our green technology. We look forward to work towards new heights, a green transition, and a better future.