About us

Organic Fuel Technology is on a mission to make organic waste valuable and create circular biofuels that will limit global warming and solve major waste challenges across the planet.

Applying world leading and patented microwave solutions, our technology turns waste, low-value materials and by-products into high-value bio-fuels and carbon neutral circular fuels through a superior energy-efficient process.

World class microwave specialists

Organic Fuel Technology’s technology has been developed through 10 years of research, tests and trials by world class microwave and engineering experts.
Optimizing microwave cracking through the application of single mode microwaves has resulted a unique reactor design and infeed-system and has generated several patents.

Strong R&D partners

Technology development has been assisted by cooperation with strong partners: University of Aarhus, Process and Materials Engineering – a strong research partner; Muegge – global leader in the manufacturing of microwave generators; Eltronic – leading edge systems engineering; and Norgaard – precision wielding and manufacturing.