A stunning new technology
Creating value from waste
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Microwave cracking:
The green waste processing technology of tomorrow
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Tomorrows waste technology:
Microwave cracking for circular bio-fuels
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Waste: a new resource

With Organic Fuel Technology’s advanced waste processing plants our customers can create value from organic waste in sustainable and climate friendly ways. By creating value from waste an OFT8-plant will pay itself back in as little as 2 years.

Microwave cracking

OFT’s patented microwave cracking technology efficiently converts biomass into circular biofuels and nutricient-rich biochar. Biochar captures carbon and fertilizes fields. Biofuel displaces fossil fuels.

Bringing back nutrients to our fields

- and capturing carbon in the process

Powering the future

Circular energy is sustainable energy. Organic Fuel Technology helps powering the world’s transportation systems.

Protecting nature

By making use of waste as a resource we leave room for nature to flourish

UN's sustainable development goals

Organic Fuel Technology is built around the vision of environmental sustainability. Our technology directly pursues 4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Organic Fuel Technology is a company we follow with great interest. The technology has very significant potentials for turning waste water treatment into a resource for the future, fully in line with our strategy.