Single mode microwave cracking

Biomass can be processed extremely efficiently through a single mode high field strength microwave reactor. Our designs and our patents have been optimized to this end.

Single mode microwaves inserted into the reactor creates a strong electromagnetic field and only little heat. Polarized organic molecules are pulled apart in the field.

The results are convincing: bio-oil, bio-gas and bio-char of good quality.

Patented reactor design

Organic Fuel Technology's patented micro wave reactor is designed to create the strongest possible electromagnetic field in a highly controlled set-up.

The optimal solution

Microwave cracking is the optimal technology for cracking organic materials if the right reactor design is found and the process can be controlled. Through more than 100 tests at Organic Fuel Technology's pilot plant and countless software simulations, we have arrived at the optimal solution.

Electromagnetic field

Organic Fuel Technology's reactor makes little use of microwave heating. Instead single-mode microwaves are sent into the reactor to create a strong, constantly changing electromagnetic field. The reactor design amplifies this field and pulls apart polar organic molecules.

The OFT8 processing plant

The OFT8 full-scale microwave processing plant is designed for continuous processing of high quantities of biomass.
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The technology is extremely energi efficient, with waste to fuel conversion factors of up to 94%


The reactor concept is module based and can easily be scaled for each purpose.


The module is extremely compact making it possible to install wherever there is waste


The technology is versatile and can produce environmentally friendly products from various waste materials – they can even be mixed.