New research grant for optimizing OFT’s technology

Organic Fuel Technology has, together with knowledge partner Aarhus University, Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, been awarded a grant of 3,4 million DKK by the Danish Innovation Fund (Innovationsfonden). The grant will co-fund a research project that will validate and optimize OFT’s microwave-processes. Funding is provided through the MissionBooster-program which supports small and medium-sized […]

OFT receives 6,5 mDKK grant funding from the Danish EUDP-program

Organic Fuel Technology A/S and its partners in the WaveFuels-consortium have received a 6,5 mDKK grant commitment from the Danish EUDP-program – a public innovation support program for energy technology.   The grant will be used to finalize the design of OFTs first full-scale test- and demonstration plant and to validate up- and downstream values streams. […]

Organic Fuel Technology signs land-lease agreement with GreenLab

On Friday 23 June 2023, Organic Fuel Technology concluded a partnership agreement with GreenLab industry park for the location of the company’s first full-scale demonstration plant. GreenLab is a renewable and circular energy and industrial park in central Jutland, Denmark, established in 2019 to test, demonstrate and accelerate the green transition by improving the way […]

OFT microwave processing promises efficient PFAS elimination from biochar

Tests of biochar produced from OFT’s microwave cracking of PFAS-polluted wastewater sludge show no detectable remains of PFAS. This is the result of recent analyses carried out by Eurofins for Organic Fuel Technology. The analysis covered a total of 35 PFAS chemicals. At OFT we are delighted with the conclusions from the analysis. “We had […]

New study confirms great potentials of OFT-technology

A new study has validated the potentials of Organic Fuel Technology’s patented microwave technology. An independent third party, the engineering consultancy COWI, has analyzed the technology and compared it to two alternative technologies: pyrolysis and HTL. The study, which is published by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, concludes that the application of OFT’s technology has […]