New study confirms great potentials of OFT-technology

A new study has validated the potentials of Organic Fuel Technology’s patented microwave technology.

An independent third party, the engineering consultancy COWI, has analyzed the technology and compared it to two alternative technologies: pyrolysis and HTL.

The study, which is published by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, concludes that the application of OFT’s technology has a number of advantages when applied in full scale to the treatment of wastewater sludge: In addition to reduced costs for transport, storage and disposal of sludge, the technology can generate revenue from sale of district heating, bio-oil, biochar and possibly gas. The mass balance and the assessment of product qualities confirm that commercialization of the technology has considerable potential and can contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases.

“This study confirms the exciting potential of our technology, for our customers, for society and for the planet”, says CEO Jens Henrik Haahr. “This is a highly interesting time for OFT as we head towards the construction of the first full-scale OFT-plant”.

Download the full report here