Organic Fuel Technology A/S to construct plant at Greenlab after receiving EUDP-grant

Organic Fuel Technology A/S (OFT) and its partners in the WaveFuels-consortium have been granted up to 33 million DKK to construct the first full-size demonstration-plant at Greenlab in Skive, Denmark. The plant is due to be in full operation by mid-2025.OFTs microwave-technology has similarities with conventional pyrolysis technologies but differs in important respects. However, the precise mechanisms and effects of these differences have until now not been validated in a controlled scientific setting. A scientific validation is pivotal to fully understand the core technology and optimize it for coming commercialization.

Earlier this year, OFT received a further 6 million DKK, earmarked to finalize the construction design of the demonstration-plant. – The EUDP grant is a vote of confidence, on OFT as a company, on our technology and on our development towards demonstrating our solutions in a full commercial scale. But the hard work has only just begun, and we have a lot to achieve over the coming years, says Jens Henrik Haahr, CEO of OFT. 

– Including the recent EUDP grant OFT has now received 3 public innovation and development grants during 2023. I believe this suggests a very positive appreciation of our technology. We will do our very best to live up to these hopes and expectations”. 

Organic Fuel Technology has patented a microwave-technology that can process biomass at low temperatures and generating bio-oil and biochar. Whereas the bio-oil can after some post-processing treatment be used as fuel in heavy transport , the biochar has a good potential for use in permanent carbon storage, whereby greenhouse gas from the biosphere can be stored permanently, and for soil improvement. 

Partners in the WaveFuels consortium: 
Organic Fuel Technology A/S
Aarhus Universitet
Energy Cluster Denmark
Euromilling A/S

For more information:
Jens Henrik Haahr, CEO
 +45 4083 7523