Organic Fuel Technology to present at Bio360 Expo in Nantes

Jens Henrik Haahr, CEO of Organic Fuel Technology, will be presenting Organic Fuel Technology’s patented microwave cracking at the Bio360 Expo in Nantes.

The Bio360 Expo is an event that gathers thousands of participants from bio-industries all over the world. This makes it a great window for showcasing OFT’s solutions for converting biomass to green biofuels 
and biochar.

– It is a great opportunity for an upcoming company like us to be invited
to present at a conference like the Bio360 Expo. The event is known to attract a great number of industrial peers that OFT can benefit considerably from cooperating with, says Jens Henrik Haahr, CEO.

The significant step for OFT towards commercialization and industrialization of its unique technology will be the establishment of the company’s first full-scale demonstration plant. This major step and its potentials for opening up a new line of supply of circular biofuels to the shipping sector will also be the main topic for Jens Henrik Haahr’s presentation.

– OFT is in a phase where we are maturing our technology and moving it towards commercialization, but with a solid foundation in strong investor backing and a unique high-potential technology. We are looking at a very exciting 2024 and I am thrilled about the opportunity to present our results and our plans for the future to the sector’s key stakeholders, says Jens Henrik Haahr.

Bio360-Expo is being held in Nantes, France on the 24th-25th of January 2024. It is expected that 5000 people will participate along with 450 exhibitors from 45 countries – all from within the bioindustry. Read more at: 

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Jens Henrik Haahr, CEO
+45 4083 7523